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I am a Mobile Blogger. I post my blogs from the comfort of my Nokia 9300. Yeah The Communicator. It is old and dying and you can help me save it by donating any sum of money. Email me at kumarbac (at) gmail (dot) com and we can always work out the other details.

Hey brotha's and sistahs

I have finally taken that step. A step which will take me further in life. A step I had been afraid to take. I am finally moving into my own place. I love this place (http://atthealtar.blogspot.com) where my life has changed dramatically. But life is all about change. How else would you explain MY moving to another place in life.
1. I have changed careers
2. I have moved to my own blog address -
Yeah that's what the world calls me, Aravind Kumar. I liked my pseudonym "The Pseudonym" yeah I was trying to make a name for myself. I will keep this an ad free site. But you people can still contribute to save my communicator.Because I just have to figure out a way to moblog.
See ya all @ http://www.aravindkumar.com
Love ya people!!!

In Cold Rain

I wonder when it rains,
Does she feel suicidal
Is it an accident
Or Is it murder
No, I know what it is,
There is a Serial Killer
Hidden Deep in the clouds
Dropping them down
In Cold Rain

The 8th Chennai Photowalk

I have been in this city for 29 Years now. But there are a lot of places I have never been to. Topping the list would be Panagal park and I finally got to visit the park (It was the starting point of the 8th Chennai Photowalk.) Suprisingly the park is clean. There were even a few people who had come there to spend their evening.. I landed inside Panagal Park really early(Keeping up with my craze for punctuality) and was introduced to a Sharanya Manivannan by Chandroo, I actually needed 10 minutes to figure out who she is. I think I should get myself admitted to some Old Age Home.

Photographers started gathering around the bust of King George V and the walk started out at about 1730 hrs. Lots of fun. We stopped at Madras Bhel Puri for a snack break at about 1900 hrs before continuing towards the Residency Towers which was our Destination.

Dilip has been working with the Aravanis( If you don't remember Priya Babu from the 7th Chennai Photowalk click here) and the Aravanis need funding to setup an office. Dillip is passionate about his work and he gave a long talk about the History of the Aravanis and the problems they are facing (which will need a post by itself)

The walk ended at about 2000hrs. As usual "A Sunday Well Spent"
Yes We will be doing the walk again on June 22nd 2008, do join us. It is fun guaranteed and you might even find Long Lost Friends and Old Neighbours. (I met Aravind during the 6th Photowalk and yesterday I met Pradeep.)

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