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In Cold Rain

I wonder when it rains,
Does she feel suicidal
Is it an accident
Or Is it murder
No, I know what it is,
There is a Serial Killer
Hidden Deep in the clouds
Dropping them down
In Cold Rain

The 8th Chennai Photowalk

I have been in this city for 29 Years now. But there are a lot of places I have never been to. Topping the list would be Panagal park and I finally got to visit the park (It was the starting point of the 8th Chennai Photowalk.) Suprisingly the park is clean. There were even a few people who had come there to spend their evening.. I landed inside Panagal Park really early(Keeping up with my craze for punctuality) and was introduced to a Sharanya Manivannan by Chandroo, I actually needed 10 minutes to figure out who she is. I think I should get myself admitted to some Old Age Home.

Photographers started gathering around the bust of King George V and the walk started out at about 1730 hrs. Lots of fun. We stopped at Madras Bhel Puri for a snack break at about 1900 hrs before continuing towards the Residency Towers which was our Destination.

Dilip has been working with the Aravanis( If you don't remember Priya Babu from the 7th Chennai Photowalk click here) and the Aravanis need funding to setup an office. Dillip is passionate about his work and he gave a long talk about the History of the Aravanis and the problems they are facing (which will need a post by itself)

The walk ended at about 2000hrs. As usual "A Sunday Well Spent"
Yes We will be doing the walk again on June 22nd 2008, do join us. It is fun guaranteed and you might even find Long Lost Friends and Old Neighbours. (I met Aravind during the 6th Photowalk and yesterday I met Pradeep.)

Click here for my Flickr Photostream.

The MosQUITo Menace

Who has not seen mosquitoes?Creatures which have existed ever since the beginning of life on earth. Whenever that was?And they have been buzzing and biting and sucking for a living.
The wars (of course they are wars, would you miss an opportunity to swat a mosquito or does the mosquito ever not want to suck your blood.) have been going on for ever. They don't work as a group though, just imagine what would happen if a bunch of warrior mosquitoes plan and attack strategic locations of the human anatomy to inflict maximum pain or the sports mosquitoes which would have human lifting competitions or the bloodoholic( constantly drinking blood ) mosquitoes which would get so bloody drunk that they would totter, fall and lie sprawled on the walls.
Recently I followed some mosquitoes around
At the Bzzzzzz Pubbbbbb
Mosquito Girl(MG) (Extremely drunk) - Hey can I have one for the road?
Mosquito Barman(MB) - What Road? There ain't no roads here.
MG - Oh! Come on, jus get me one will ya...
MB - Will do if you pay your bloody debts. Just Buzz off...Till then
MG - arrrrgh!!! Alright!!! (Goes away in search of Bloody People)
As she is buzzing around she meets Mosquito Man. They fall in Love and the MG is asking the male to make love to her under the "Copulate to Populate" scheme(Female Mosquitoes take multiple partners, Most male mosquitoes die after they lose their virginity.I can just imagine if humans had the same kind of life cycle. Funny...Funny...)
MG - I want girls, they can destroy this earth by attempting to kill all other living forms
MM - But I will die if I copulate with you.
MG - Don't worry,your progeny shall populate this earth and we will eventually gain world control. You men have to sacrifice for the future of our race.
Saying so MG pins down MM to the ground and hurriedly mates with him and then flies off to find food for the young ones in her. She needs blood...and she is going to get it off the next blood hoarding creature.
It is in their nature to drink blood for the survival of their eggs. And we go about murdering these creatures who probably don't even see how you are bringing death upon them because of their bad eye sight.
We with our so called infinite knowledge have tried several forms to control them and kill them. Chemical warfare seems to top the list.But mosquitoes don't seem to quit, even though QUIT is their middle name. They simply develop resistance to the various human made chemicals. The latest(At least in India) is the mini badminton bats with small electrical charges passing through them. You have probably seen people frantically waving these bats in front of them like they are playing badminton. Now with all that equipment looks like mosquitoes still have the upper hand. Yeah...just like in the movies. They mutate. Soon they will be resistant to everything even to our badminton swatting.
The worst part about mosquitoes is that they attack you on home territory. Probably they were trained by Che Guevara in guerilla warfare, O!Sama rubbish Bin is Laden in terrorism and by Herr Fuhrer in the "The Aryan way of life."(Fast Attacks of terror by mosquitoes with infinite levels of over-confidence.) Generally human beings can bear these attacks with just a little itchy bitchy. But sometimes these non quitters decide to bombard us with their Weapons of Mass Destruction, or a Bio Terrorist Attack.
It is these attacks which lead to death if left uncared for.Mosquitoes are the reason for most number of human deaths due to an animal/insect in the world. Well is that shocking? Then please follow this blog. This is a two part series to educate people about "The Mosquito Menace." Especially in one of the most unreachable rural corners of India. JHARKHAND.

Went, Met and Had Fun

Oh yeah! (that's the title of the Ultimate Aerosmith Hits Album)went for the Chennai Indibloggers Meet and Wow!!! It was fun. I took my Handycam along and have shot almost the entire blog meet. To access the Indibloggers Chennai Meet Page Click Here.

First a Roll call to identify people who I supposedly know or those blogs I had visited at some point of time.

Roll call

Sowmya - She is a very shy lady from Mumbai, I have her doing the indiblogger jig on my handycam.Will post if she let's me post it.

Varun - Varun and Me were the first to arrive. We came in at 1500 hrs. And we guys even introduced ourselves to the Banquet Hall guy, Vipin.

Sathyanarain - This dude pestered me for dinner. And I had to cave in to his requests. (Shucks...I am such a nice guy)

Chandrachoodan - "thalai" of Chennai Photowalk fame

Anju Sabu - I really wanted to meet her and give the balli muttais, but missed her. Too bad there were other toffees in it too.

Lemonade - Friendly girl and now we know her real name.

Kiruba - I could not really catch him. I have always wanted to ask him about his cycling and take some tips from him.

Vatsan - This guy knows eateries in nooks and corners of Chennai.

Shilika - This girl was actually threatening Satyanarain for whatever reason. But I think she is a very sweet girl.

Rohit - Met this guy here for the first time. He actually ditched his Maruti Swift and bloggers headed by BG got it out of the ditch for him. Got that on Video too.

Joel Suganth - A painter and photographer has amazing talent.

Aparajith Raman - He blogs at Vodka Chai. I assumed he was older than what he looks.

Sandhya Rajan - A very sweet girl. She represents Microsoft and gave us a presentation on Windows Live Writer.

Sudamshu - Fellow Photowalker and a nice dude.

Now Absentee's List
(No Hall Ticket for you people. Dont ask me for which hall??? I might be forced to say Naidu Hall - Naihaa) People who I wanted to meet but did not turn up.

Chutney and Vanilla Vats - These girls were missed by almost everyone.( Why did you girls give so much build up huh!!! :(

Attendance Over. Now Start Lesson

After Lemonade's introduction, and Introduction of the Indiblogger team (they are funny), Renie Ravin told us the story of how a bottle of Old Monk Rum changed their lives(Guys, what is bottled in Old Monk is not just Rum there is enlightenment in it.)

One minute of Fame: You get a minute more or less, timing partner was Mummy Times with their latest model of sand clock from Egypt. A lot of people came forward and introduced themselves and their blogs, while some did not. (Were you nervous guys?) That done it was time for a much needed break.

We broke off for snacks and Tea and interacted with a few bloggers. Saw this dude who was clicking his way to glory. Well, I got a picture of him while he was busy shooting my pic.
Break over, I gave a small presentation on mobile blogging. Well if any one did understand thanks people and to the rest thanks for attempting to listen to it. If any one wants to moblog get in touch with me I will be glad to assist you.

Then came in the Reblz a theatre group, they presented a play which had us in splits. Funny one guys. The Reblz have a blog and here is their take on the Indiblogger Chennai Meet That done we had the play by the Indiblogger team. Over... Next. A presentation by Sandhya Rajan about Microsoft's Live Writer. While that was being done a lot of bloggers were collecting their T-Shirts and starting to leave.

So the few who were left cheered for the Indiblogger team led by Lemonade. Then the remaining few got a group photo. And we left... Happy that we had met so many bloggers. Super Fun. Cheers!!! Let the Good times Rule.

P.S.: Ofcourse there were too many people and I am in the process of finding them all and will then start serial killing. *Evil Laughter*

Group Photo : Thanks to Sathyanarain. Click here (FLICKR) to see the names of people in that photo. I don't know the name of two girls. Some one Help me here please.

Update : For some reason my brain does not work as well as it used to. How could I forget to mention Shoonyata
He writes amazing Poetry and Ashwini A Software Engineer.

Announcements... Read on Please...

Announcements Announcements... This is what I have made out of this blog space. This has become like the poor walls of Chennai where different political party and cinema posters are posted.Posters which shout out to the poor denizens of this city to go watch movies or to attend a party meeting. Some posters which never escape your eye are the ones which advertise for Moolam(Piles) and this particular poster has a list of other male genital related diseases which can be cured.

Well I am really a blah blah writer who lacks focus and makes spelling and grammatical mistakes. (Hey Why am I going off tangents...) Habit I suppose.

So The Indiblogger's meet is happening this Sunday.(Finally) the meet which has been proposed by Lemonade, sponsored by Microsoft, and organized by the Indiblogger Team is supposed to bring bloggers together so that they can interact exchange notes, have lots of fun and ofcourse make friends.

I was questioned a few days back by a septic...oops sceptic about the relevance of blogs and why do people need to blog. Is it not a waste of time and energy which
could probably be used for more useful activities. Should not the younger generation be going out and interacting and meeting people instead of blogging. I just had this to tell him,

Me - Why do people need education?

Him - To gain knowledge, to make money later.

Me - Those, are very interesting answers if and only if
you are talking to someone who is painfully stupid.

Him - What do you Mean?

Me - Because of the simple fact that you need none of those to have a life. And it makes me sad that you would be so ignorant.

Him - Explain please...

Me - If you think knowledge is got through education then it is a big NO. Experience is Knowledge and life is a sum of your experiences Going through life everyday, falling down, jumping with joy, being sad, loving someone dearly, hating someone fiercely. All these will add up to a life. So that when you have to leave this world, you will be a fulfilled man.

Him - So how is education related to blogging?

Me - It is related and you have to experience it. But you being an professor can't explain why people get educated.And it is your bread and butter and jam and cheese. Why do I have to explain about the relevance of blogs and why people need to blog. Some things simply can't be explained for example If I tell someone that doing a 180kmph in my car is an exhilarating experience, how would he/she know what I wanna convey unless he/she has had a similar experience. So If you don't understand something please don't question it's relevance and why the younger generation needs to do it. Try to Experience it. And you will simply be overwhelmed Life is very simple and things like generation gap which causes you to ask irrelevant questions is because you are scared of change. You want your children to do the same things you did. Because you think life is some kind of formula...

The person was actually stunned and did not know what to say. I was stunned and all I could say was "Excuse me, could you put these posters up please." And all he did was nodded his head and gave me a big smile. I hope the posters did not end up in the trash can. Because it was the Indiblogger Posters announcing the meet. WIll update once I go there and check it out.

Also the 8th Chennai Photowalk has been announced by Selective Amnesia. It is an interesting route, it's happening in the evening starting 1700hrs and it is happening on two Sundays the 15th and the 22nd of June. So come loaded with your cameras and the one with the oldest digital camera will get a special gift from me. If you are interested in taking part please leave a comment.

The Indiblogger.in logo has been grabbed from the Indiblogger Website.

FIRE AND FORGET - An Evening of Jazz

Pre Concert : Varun and I were one of the first guys at the hall.(I believe in punctuality.)The show started an hour late, we guys shot some pictures while the group was testing their equipment.
THE CONCERT : Lets jazz it all up. Yes I am sitting in the Ball Room at the Taj Coramandel listening to some awesome soul stirring jazz music by Julien Lourau. Am enjoying the evening.

Julien is a musician who knows his audience. Really amazing music.And the snippets he tells us in between his music is truly captivating. The show is called "Fire and Forget" it's organised by Taj Coramandel in association with Alliance Francaise of Madras.

Post Concert :
Fire and Forget is about how the British Fire missiles and then forget about them. Really awesome music for these war filled times. It is a known fact that the French are not really fond of the British. He even has a song which is titled "Messieurs les anglais, tirez les premiers" (Hey english men, you fire first) This is what Napoleon had to say while fighting the numerous wars with the British.

In the End :
He did what every true artist does "Left the audience wanting for more."

P.S.: The Band Members
Julien Lourau - Saxaphone
Eric Lohrer - Guitar
Sylvain Daniel - Double Bass
Garcia Bruno - Drums
Bojan Z - Keyboard