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Announcements... Read on Please...

Announcements Announcements... This is what I have made out of this blog space. This has become like the poor walls of Chennai where different political party and cinema posters are posted.Posters which shout out to the poor denizens of this city to go watch movies or to attend a party meeting. Some posters which never escape your eye are the ones which advertise for Moolam(Piles) and this particular poster has a list of other male genital related diseases which can be cured.

Well I am really a blah blah writer who lacks focus and makes spelling and grammatical mistakes. (Hey Why am I going off tangents...) Habit I suppose.

So The Indiblogger's meet is happening this Sunday.(Finally) the meet which has been proposed by Lemonade, sponsored by Microsoft, and organized by the Indiblogger Team is supposed to bring bloggers together so that they can interact exchange notes, have lots of fun and ofcourse make friends.

I was questioned a few days back by a septic...oops sceptic about the relevance of blogs and why do people need to blog. Is it not a waste of time and energy which
could probably be used for more useful activities. Should not the younger generation be going out and interacting and meeting people instead of blogging. I just had this to tell him,

Me - Why do people need education?

Him - To gain knowledge, to make money later.

Me - Those, are very interesting answers if and only if
you are talking to someone who is painfully stupid.

Him - What do you Mean?

Me - Because of the simple fact that you need none of those to have a life. And it makes me sad that you would be so ignorant.

Him - Explain please...

Me - If you think knowledge is got through education then it is a big NO. Experience is Knowledge and life is a sum of your experiences Going through life everyday, falling down, jumping with joy, being sad, loving someone dearly, hating someone fiercely. All these will add up to a life. So that when you have to leave this world, you will be a fulfilled man.

Him - So how is education related to blogging?

Me - It is related and you have to experience it. But you being an professor can't explain why people get educated.And it is your bread and butter and jam and cheese. Why do I have to explain about the relevance of blogs and why people need to blog. Some things simply can't be explained for example If I tell someone that doing a 180kmph in my car is an exhilarating experience, how would he/she know what I wanna convey unless he/she has had a similar experience. So If you don't understand something please don't question it's relevance and why the younger generation needs to do it. Try to Experience it. And you will simply be overwhelmed Life is very simple and things like generation gap which causes you to ask irrelevant questions is because you are scared of change. You want your children to do the same things you did. Because you think life is some kind of formula...

The person was actually stunned and did not know what to say. I was stunned and all I could say was "Excuse me, could you put these posters up please." And all he did was nodded his head and gave me a big smile. I hope the posters did not end up in the trash can. Because it was the Indiblogger Posters announcing the meet. WIll update once I go there and check it out.

Also the 8th Chennai Photowalk has been announced by Selective Amnesia. It is an interesting route, it's happening in the evening starting 1700hrs and it is happening on two Sundays the 15th and the 22nd of June. So come loaded with your cameras and the one with the oldest digital camera will get a special gift from me. If you are interested in taking part please leave a comment.

The Indiblogger.in logo has been grabbed from the Indiblogger Website.



7 June 2008 at 01:57

nice convo

  The Pseudonym

7 June 2008 at 09:20

thanks ravishankar. Welcome to my blog.


7 June 2008 at 14:13

grrrrrrrr8 conversation there...
seriously..those who don't blog won't know the joy of blogging..so just let it be like that..ha ha..
n u rightly said-"u hv to experience it to know y we do it"