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As confused as a drunk duck

Sometimes you go watch a movie, go home and can't figure out how to classify the movie. Was it Funny??? Was it a wee bit twisted???I can't find the right words to describe what I saw today.
I did realize one thing though, I laugh at the weird jokes. People are sitting and watching the villain say "Hello Hello" into his phone at the beginning of a conversation and "OK OK" as he finishes it. I am laughing in my seat, there are tears coming out of my eyes, I would have rolled on the ground with laughter, if there had been enough space** to do so. I look around as I wipe the tears of laughter. No one else seems to be laughing.
Flashback, (Please take a Tortoise mosquito coil and swirl it around for the proper effect.) Almost 22 years ago. Some Cinema Hall playing Laurel & Hardy or Charlie Chaplain movies. A younger, leaner and head full hair version of me is watching the movie. The joke is over, people have stopped laughing but there I am bent over in my seat and laughing. Tears coming out of my eye. But yes, then there was space** to roll on the ground and laugh, and yes I have rolled.
A lot of me has changed. But I let myself go when I have to laugh. It keeps the insane side of me sane and I am happy about it.

My loudest laughter was when I laughed in my Seventh class. The History master always pronounced Pharaoh as Pharodah*** and I would laugh, so one day the annoyed master pulled up, a laughing me by the ear and said "Watt are you finding funny, I tell you watts funny? Tomorrow you bring eggs to class,place them under your buttocks, and they will hatch into colour colour chickens." I asked "Master, what color chicks do you want? Black, White, or Yellow." and then burst out laughing. I laughed so hard that the Principal had to announce on the Public Address System, "The student who laughed so hard that it has caused mild tremors in Egmore area, please report to my office immediately." So I went and reported army style "Good Morning father. X reporting father. I was the epicentre of those tremors, father. It measured a 3 on the Richter and I apoligise for causing it father." Princi goes "Are you trying to be funny?" I say "No father I was just reporting to you father, since you wanted me to report father." Father finally said "Suspended till end of week"
That was the first of my Million plus visits to the principal's office. But each time it was because I laughed at the wierdest things.
**Space in cinema halls have become so cramped that I don't have the freedom of movement. So I try to avoid going to the cinemas. Real Estate Prices and population Rises are the cause for the cramped space today.
***When I was in my Eleventh class I asked my History Master why he pronounced Pharaoh as Pharodah? and he told me how he studied in a Tamil Medium School and in Tamil, Pharoah is pronounced as Pharodah. (I have not been able to verify it.Any truth in it????)
"Am not an athlete nor am I a rat to run races. I do it My Own Way (MOW), Just MOWing." - My Words.



28 February 2008 at 20:22

he must hav meant pharaoh-da .. we in the southside of thngs revel in da-fying everyone and everythign..

enna sola da .. wat say I mean :D


9 March 2008 at 09:33

Haha, this was a delightful little post :) There was this time I went for a play and guffawed so hard when some guy got up from his seat & accidentally walked into a wall, I disturbed the actors on stage ! Lol!