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The Bald Story - Final Parting

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So Several Doctors later,having been through a lot of medicines, nurses (fantasies ha ha ha), hospitals, and clinics I put my foot down and told my parents that I preferred my bald look. They were not very happy about it. But because of the fact that I lived 2200 kms away from them they could not do much.
So those who know me from my Delhi days, know me as Aravind with head clean shaven. Well, I did realize though that shaving my head on a daily basis was proving to be expensive, so got a barber kit, and taught myself to shave.
Finally when I shifted base to Chennai and started living with my parents, I was forced to have my present look.(I rebelled for 4 years) Me and my Amma had this conversation one Sunday in 2007
A - Me
M - Amma (My Mom)
A - Amma naan innaiku poi mottai adikha poren...
M - Dai, onnum vendam. gammunu iru. Indha mudiya ponnu veetukaranga kitta kamikanum.
A - Ennadhu, Indha chinna vayasula ennaku kalyanama???
M - Dai Ponnu veetila irundhu, ona paaka varanga.
A - Eppo?
M - Ippo...
A - Ayyo!!!!
M - So readya irru...
A - Yenkitta yen sollala.(giving my mom my best pavam look, but that look turned out to be worse than Goundamani's romantic look)
Now I was shit scared. My thoughts at that moment... I will get sacrificed...sorry... married At The Altar and then become a henpecked husband. (Since I don't eat hens, I don't take kindly to "henpeckings") OMG I can't be getting jittery like this. Dai Aravind you have to turn the table... So I told my Amma
A - Seri ma, naan mottai ellam adikala.But what time will those people be visiting us?
M - At 1000 hrs.
A - Confirmed dhana. No changes.
M - OK they said around 1000hrs.Please don't give them your punctuality talk if they are late.
A - No ma will not do anything like that.I am going to have my bath. Please call me when they arrive. Don't disturb me before that.
M - Dai nee pesaradha paatha, ennamo plan pannra madhiri theriyudhu.
(She has noticed the change in my tone. And has also realised that I am agreeing to whatever she says)
A - OK please disturb pannadhinga.
M - Seri da poi kuli.
A - OK bye... bye...
(Entered my room and locked the door)
I was inside till about 12 noon. Had to even skip breakfast.I really wanted to tell those ponnu veetukaranga that 12 noon is not around 1000hrs. But when my mom saw me she was so stunned... I mean, she could'nt believe her eyes...But it was too late for anything to be done to fix it. He He He...
What did I do?No I had not done anything illegal, just shaved off my mustachio and left my goatee intact...There were some wild whisperings among the visitors, that I had embraced Islam... Some even whispered about how my locality was filled with rowdy elements.(Most of these ponnu pakradhu,mapillai pakaradhu is to eat good food.And make comments, which shows their ignorance) No one had much to say to me...( I had pulled it off again. Dai Nee Killadi da. No No Khiladiyon ka Khiladi.)