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Working's at the Cinemas

Life sometimes throws you funnies so fast that you really can't catch them on media. Wish I had cameras for eyes and a Solid State Drive for a Brain. It would ofcourse limit my capabilities but you got to trade something, right... It is a silly thought and it just came out of my brain.
Was at the movies today (Sathyam Cinemas, Movie Vantage Point) As i walked in doing my funny Sunday walk (which amuses people endlessly) I found a huge crowd waiting to get into the multiplex. But the fierce looking guard was doing what he did best, give fierce menancing looks.But me being a fearless boy went upto him and presented my ticket and told him I wanted to get in... He took a look at the ticket and refused to let me in, saying that the movie is only at 1615hrs and it is just 1600 hrs, then he asked me to step aside. So, the gentleman, that I am, I stepped aside and decided to wait. The minute that decision was made the same fierce looking guard made an announcement "All Santham Ticket holders can now enter." So I went to him presented my ticket once again and asked him "You just told me seconds back that I could not enter, why would you do that?" to which he replied "Saar I can wonly give entry at currict time" I was stumped. If a down the hierarchy, fierce looking guard is seconds conscious, is he funny or is he being stupid? Whatever he is? I felt like becoming the high priest and sacrificing him At the Altar. But at that moment all I did was shrug my shouders, winked at the girl who was right behind me(she thought I was blinking at her.) Later I overheard her conversing with her friend, in the lobby, about my incident with the guard and having a good laugh.
It was then that I realised that what had just happened to me, with the guard, was a rip-off from the final scenes of Meet The Parents. The scene where Ben Stiller is made to wait at the airport boarding point.
I am sure that it just shows us how a professionally run organisation can be really funny, Funny as in Stupid Funny. Now I have to figure out who to send this to at Satyam Cinemas...