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No Weight On The Lap...

Madeela ganam illai...
The idea for this post was suggested by my dear friend/cousin Prabhu. He says "As a married man, I have let the skeletons out of my closet." i.e."Madeela Ganam Illa."
I hired Detective Wa Ching Yu from Osaka Moria, a country which is... (Oh I forgot I can't give you the exact location. Hint: It is an island in the Secret Japan Sea.) He was to give me a report if my cousin had any weight in his lap or not.
So after several months he gave me his report, I opened it while juggling my heart and eyeballs(gross!!!) on the tip of my tongue(Grosser!!!But Very talented,right?????) Was it going to be photos of him with his mistress, or maybe a secret rendez-vous with an old girlfriend or still worse pics and audio clippings of his alcholic ravings or maybe pictures of him killing the college boys next door. Now I was starting to sweat because of my tongue juggling act and decided to see what I had in my hand. My eyeballs tossed away from the tip of my tongue, when I looked at the pictures and I had a hard time putting my heart in it's place, they were just pictures of pussies. One Black pussy, One Brown and White mixed Pussy... I played the audio tape and all it had was some groaning and mewing sounds. I swear they sounded like tracks from the Group Type O Negative
I was really pissed off with Detective Wa Ching Yu. The guy had ripped me off monetarily and given me Pussy Photos. So after a bit of my own investigation into the issue, it was found out that my cousin was bringing up these young pussies as pets. But they seemed untamed. Infact the black pussy seemed to be staring at me, right out of the photo.
So since my plan to start a mini war between Him and His Wife failed due to lack Ganam in his madi, I have also had to stall my plans to replicate the same idea on a larger scale, to start World War 4 a.k.a. Nuclear Holocaust 1...
But I am watching him closely. I have even promised to buy his wife a "Jalli Karandi", so that he does not err in his ways. But he is a simple guy and his wife a smart girl so I hope she does not read this because that jalli karandi might be thrown at me, for my stalled plans to start WW4.
As for Detective Wa Ching Yu, I have hired Wa Ching Him to give me a report on his where abouts.
P and VP - This husband and wife pair are one amongst the few wonderful married couples I know. I wish them to enjoy life to it's fullest.(Shit!!! That sounded like I am rating them. I promise I did not wanna sound like that.)