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Gabtun and the Space Shuttle...

Ever since I started liking our captain for his humor I have been wanting to go and interview him. So when I got an oppurtunity a few days back... I decided to make use of the knock on my door.
Issue was Captain's Arasangam team was refused to shoot at Chennai Airport. Captain was in a mixture of moods. It was fun watching him go through all of them.
Let's go to the interview...
A - Aravind
C V - Captain Vijaykanth
A - Yenna Captain ippadi panitanga???
C V - Naan NASA'la besi Space Shuttil'a Vaadagaiyuku eduka boren. Blus sum sooting in Houston, NASA base.
A - But captain, Space shuttle'a vaadagaiyuku kuduka maatanga and I doubt if they will even let you take a look at it...
C V - Adhu ennaku dheriyum. Nee romba overa besura, naan yen meesaiya murukinna...dheriyumla...
A - Ayyo andha padam paatha en veetu velakaran mental ayuttan.
C V - Dai neenga ellam enna gaeli bannunga da.Aana andha vaadaga sbase suttil'a otta Air Deccan Captain Gopinatha vellaiku vaika boren...
A - Ayyo, Vendam Avaru flight ottira captain...Pilot Captain
More over Neengalum Captain Avarum Captain Don't you think too many captains will crash land the plane.
C V - Dai naan Gabtun, avan Captain, indha vithyasame theriyama entrview edukka vandhiya.
At this point, captain got visibly angry. His left eyebrow and right eyebrow started dancing, His eyes started getting redder and avar left leg flight body maela vachi right leg'ala ennai sulati sulati adika try pannaru but he fell down and started wailing (it sounded like a gorilla and cat, sound remixed)
C V - Airport'la shooting dhan edukka vidala, adikavadhu vidalamla.
A - Sorry Gabtun enna yellam adika mudiyadhu, yenna ennaku unga sulati sulati adikra technique theriyum.Ha ha ha
Thanks for the interview Captain... oh sorry Gabtun...
C V - Yen da, enna romba feel banna vaikira. AAUNnnn...