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BP, with Shakeela and Tequila

The Bachelors Party (BP in short)
Members present - Balachander, Aravind
Ex- Members present - Naveen, Binoy
Drinks that flowed - J and B rare Whisky, Chivas Regal, Real Grape Juice, Mango Frooti.
Strippers - Venugopal and Shakila
Keeping in line with tradition, we changed the party venue a few times to ensure that unwanted creatures did not present their faces for the free booze and also Shakila's strip show.
The party started with some beautiful moves by Venugopal who stripped all the way to his underwear(Read Jatti) while we all cheered on for him to remove this last piece of clothing to symbolise his freedom from Bachelorhood, Venu backed off saying that he could not go all the way. But still Awesome show dude.

So once that was over, we all sat and poured out drinks Whisky for some and fruit juices for non drinkers, while we waited for Kerala Porn Queen of Several Years the one and only Shakila.
Shakila arrived with a bottle of Tequila. That was her gift for Venu. So we named the show "BP with Shakila and Tequila" What we did not realise, till late in the show was that Shakila is surely no Shakira and yes Hips don't Lie. We regretted the strip show, though Venu enjoyed it a lot. Why did you like her Venu? Is it because she fueled all your dirty fantasies? Since the rest did not want to see the stripping action, we got into a discussion if a woman's madippu can be co-related to her age
We finally devised a formula by which we can calculate the age of a woman by the number of Madippu she has on her hip.
If Madippu is m and age in years is x then
x = 5.725m
Balachander tried counting the number of Madippus Shakila has, he got lost in them and ended up losing his mind. So that made Shakila ageless. 2 guys(Names witheld) couldn't take the lethal combo, of unlimited Shakila madippu and unlimited Tequila shots. Too bad guys you missed out some of the action.
'Twas lots of fun for me. Ate good food at Mainland China. But I hated that guy who served us with a stupid smile on his face. The girl I saw when I stepped out of the elevator was hot. So hot that I burned my tongue.( I was drinking soup, thinking about her.) What did you think?
So that was a successful party organised by The Bachelor Club. I would like to thank the host Venugopal for arranging Shakila Chechi, the Amazing food at Mainland China and also the wonderful strip show in which we found out that Venugopal has an amazing pair of bazookas.
Cheers Venu, you are a wonderful sport man, you always take things in the right sense. This was probably the last time you saw Shakila Chechi nude. I know, you enjoyed her immensely. No more Bachelors party for you. No, I will not be letting you come for my parties in future. You have become an uncle now. And the next time you come visiting me, get me some nice chocolates.
P.S.: Yeah even though the post is Named the way it is named. I have kept references to Shakila and the Tequila to a bare minimum, because otherwise the truth would unleash a scandal.
P.P.S: Well, the secret, There was no Tequila or Shakila. But it is true that Venu stripped. He He He... Dai Sudarmani brand Jatti pottukittu enna attagasam panna...
Who is Venugopal?
Venu is my Brother and was an active member of "The Bachelors Club" He was the kid of the club, until he was kicked out ceremoniously on November 1st 2007.
Even though we KICKed him out literally he landed on his fat ass and did not whimper even a bit. "Kudos Mate" So in appreciation of the kicks that we gave him, he hosted this bachelor's party.

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