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I Play Devil's Advocate

So I have these two Pictures in my bedroom. I am sure I was less than 3 years old when these pictures were snapped.
Mom saya "We(mom and aunt) wanted you to be dressed as Krishna and pose in Krishna poses. But what you did once we were at the studio was cry and make ruckus. So that's why we have a Krishna posing for the camera without his charismatic smile"

I say "I have always hated being under the limelight. Am not a very public person. So crying and making ruckus was to avoid that photo being taken. They say Children are God but I was negotiating the price of my soul, with Satan even then."
But whatever said "I love those childhood years,I really do."
P.S.: It is worth selling your soul to Satan. He is really a nice guy, just that we don't realize it.. For more details see these movies "The Devil's Advocate", "Bedazzled",and "Meet Joe Black"