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Finally woke up

As a child my sleep pattern was awesome. I used to be up by 0500 hrs. But all the knowledge gained over the years has made me a very sleepy person. My parents have tried hard to help me change my erring ways, but the grownup in me does not want to listen to their words.
It was during my stay in Delhi that I experienced life and got to live it, the way I wanted to. I used to sleep when I wished and get up when I wanted to. There were days and nights, when I would skip the sleeping process. Somedays I just would not get out of bed.
My work nights were even better. Yeah, as the lions that prowl the night, I used to sometimes prowl even for three nights without a wink. I always needed to have a good hunt before I could rest.
I believe "Sleep is for the dead." So if I am mentally doing great, I don't need to sleep much. But with mental death all I want to do is, sleep sleep and just sleep.
So too much knowledge especially from books makes you a very sleepy person. Now I am trying hard to undo all that learning. Ctrl Z Ctrl Z Ctrl Z Ctrl Z... Finally waking up to the realities of life.