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The Domesticated Night Owl

I have been a night eater most of my life. Just love to wake up in the middle of the night to eat dry fruits, cheese, maggi, biscuits, original Thirunelvelli Halwa,
I have tried to get rid of this habit but it has stuck on to me. It is supposedly a disease that is stress related and it is called Night Eating Syndrome ,NES in short.

Night eating syndrome signs and symptoms
* The person has little or no appetite for breakfast. Delays first meal for several hours after waking up. Is not hungry or is upset about how much was eaten the night before.
* Eats more food after dinner than during that meal.
* Eats more than half of daily food intake after dinner but before breakfast. May leave the bed to snack at night.
* This pattern has persisted for at least two months.
* Person feels tense, anxious, upset, or guilty while eating.
* NES is thought to be stress related and is often accompanied by depression. Especially at night the person may be moody, tense, anxious, nervous, agitated, etc.
* Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Wakes frequently and then often eats.
* Foods ingested are often carbohydrates: sugary and starch.
* Behavior is not like binge eating which is done in relatively short episodes. Night-eating syndrome involves continual eating throughout evening hours.
* This eating produces guilt and shame, not enjoyment.
Yeah so thats one cool way to have a syndrome. Yeah I seem to have most of the symptoms but I have never felt any guilt or shame about this. But then how do you get treated for this??? Any suggestions... I just finished eating some cheese and biscuits... I need help. Some one help me. Ha Ha Ha...