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When Venu met Sonu...

1 This is just meant to provide some tickles. I can even relate it to Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs, So you should know
What to take in right sense
What to take in nonsense
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'Cause a man gotta make his pence.
2 I am highly prejudiced about marriage as an institution in todays society.
Dedicated in fond Rememberance of
" Bachelor Venugopal Balagangadharan"
Who is a Brand Addict suffering from a serious disease called brand-o-mania, Who has had to do things the hard way (his words not mine). I bid you farewell brother from the XXX Zone!!!I Am sure you will be happier on the other side of the Altar.
With almost all my friends married and most of the married ones having kids, the Bachelors Club just has a few members left.Nandagopal, Girish and me. That's it and it's unbelieveable. But it is a proud moment for me not only because I am still single, bald and no girl in her right mind wants to marry me, but mostly because Venu is engaged and getting married on the 1st of February to a pretty girl, Sunaina.
Yeah this is the story of "Beauty and the Beast."
Now upon time, there is living in Chennai city one payyan named Venugopal. We will call him vennu. Vennu always adivanging(smacked across the face) from twin brother and thituvanging(scolding) from parents. He grew up, studied BA (Economics) in The Harvard of the East and some how got into PSG to study Masters Program In Sarvadesa Vyabaram(International Business). Got good paying job but no girl marry him because all his friends calling him pichakarran (beggar).
One naal, he go for cousin's kalyanam in Paellakad. There meeting meeting future Father and Mother in law, The Beast (Vennu) in Aaruva Kollaru proposing to in-laws. Daddy moraching (dirty stare), but beast's confidence hypnotizes in-Laws, they are very impressed. So all fixed, he talks to ponnu by tholai pesi(telephone), Beauty paer sonu, Beauty agrees to meet beast in his kotai(castle, Banglore in this case), so that beast will not become mad and sappidufy(gobble up) her parents.
Beast ore jollu (drooling) in Banglore. But ore sweating also because beauty may say NO to his proposal. He taking her to some shady place (place with a shade, so that he stops sweating and starts stinking) and proposing. Beauty still not understanding Beast. But says YES, because beast looks like a nalla (good) beast and she needs to get away from beasts gappu (stink).
So they finally got engaged on November 1st 2007 in Paellakad,
So another Love story----->Proposition-----> Marriage At the Altar----->The Happy Life
I was in Paellakad for the engagement and got bits and pieces of stories from various sources, which have been stitched into a story form. Well all sources were compromised by Single Malt Scotch.
November 1st 2007, Paellakad was under a civil strife**.
**Civil Strife - Civil strife in Kerala is a day declared off BY Mallus FOR Mallus so that SOME Mallus can be put to sleep, eternally.
"Bachelor Party for Venu, with Shakeela and Tequila" Disclaimer:Only for those Horny people with an IQ of less than 10.

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