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Saroja Samaan Nikalo...

Who is Saroja? Why do I always keep saying Saroja Saman Nikalo? So many have wondered and a few have even asked me. So to all the ignorant people.

Saroja was my Girlfriend in a previous birth. And we had an live in relationship. But one day she was not very happy with the way things were going and she propsed to me. Gawd... Now thats a sin ain't it. So I told her "Saroja Saman Nikalo..." ( Saroja Pack your stuff...). Thats the story for you.

Well they say that Karma follows you birth after birth. (Karma is just the reaction to your action) So now I am not happy with any of the women I meet. They are simply not my kind. Chatter Boxes I hate. and Invariably most women I have met are such chatter boxes that a few minutes into the conversation I am wondering if it is a Dialogue or a Monologue I am having. And women are surely not attracted to a person who is bald, has his ears pierced and thinks he is GOD.

So women hate me. It has been a given in my life till now. Some of my girl friends found a small part of me which they thought was a good person and thought they could find my lost soul, but sorry people. I have never been completely true with any one girl in particular.

Yeah, It is fun, when you have sold out to SATAN.