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Whisky in a Kukri

That's a picture of my object of pride for a few years now. "Whisky in a Kukri."
With *Bhevadas* as friends, what can I expect them to gift me with. Even though I have the occasional drop of alcohol, I keep away from it. I don't need it to run(or is it ruin) my life.
So that bottle in the picture was a gift from "Aafiser" Major Nandhagopal, who's in our army's artillery wing. Location is a secret(Matter of National Security) So this bro calls me one late night here is the Coversation we had
N Nandhagopal
A Aravind
N - Dai Sotta. Eppadi irruka da?
A - Hey bro, doing great man. Whassup with you?
N - Nothing much da. No work here. Just drinking my way to glory. No fighting with this neighbour. Infact I have been talking to my counterparts across the border for some time now.
A - Dai Indhiya Thaayoda perumaiya solluda avangakitta (Tell them Mother India's greatness). Am glad you are interacting with them. Have you learnt their Language?
N - No No. I am teaching them **Madras Bashai** They seem to pick it up fast. Planning to make that side of the border into a "Little Chennai."
A - Very happy da. Chennai culture should spread far and wide. I am glad you are putting some efforts in that direction.
N - Dai I am coming to Chennai da.What do you want from here?
A - Machan, I have not seen snow in my life. Can you get me some snow?
N - Sorry da. Not possible. Tell you what, I will get you Quarter Whisky.
A - Machan, ****Manamgetta Monitoraa?**** Has it followed you all the way there. Adha kudicha Liverosis vandhu sethudiven da.
N - No No, What I am getting is 100 times more potent than that.
A - Ayyo so I can't drink it then. What's the use?
N - No da sotta,it is Whisky in a Kukri. Kukri is that knife used by Gorkhas.And No, you shouldn't drink it. You can keep it, and later it will become Vintage Whisky. It is an investment for your old age.
A - Oh cool da machan. I can display it in my room then. And yeah probably sell it when I am old.
N - Yeah, but you have to promise that you will not even have a whiff of it.
A - Gawd Pramise Machan.
N - Ok , Since I am coming on vacation, you take few days off and we will go visit our professors in Harvard.
A - No problem machan. Come fast. We will party all night and then spend the mornings with ***Kaameshwari***.
N - Ok da, sotta. By, BY
A - Take care Bro, Bye.
Some P.S.'s
* Bhevadas - No not Devadas, Even though he was a Bhevada. Bhevadas is Hindi for drunkards.
** Madras Bashai - Is Tamil which is spoken by people in Chennai. You might need a dictionary to understand what's being said. It's a mixture of several languages including Hindi. (Hear ye, my fellow rascist men and women from North India, We are not against Hindi.) Will explain the nuances of the language in another post.
***Kaameshwari is not a mami turned call girl. That's the name of a mess in West Mambalam which has served us piping hot filter Kaapi and kept us very happy.
****Manamgetta Monitor - Literally translated it means Respectless Monitor. Monitor (for those of you who have not drunk your way to the top) is a brand of whisky which is one of the cheapest in the country. It was priced at Rs.40 for a Quarter between 1997 and 2000. Current price is just Rs.58. This brand makes some people's life worth living.
Price Courtesy : TASMAC
My closest friends call me sotta (Baldy). No, it does not offend me. I have never had any funny complex because I have no hair left on my head. I am happy I save a lot time, money and energy. Moreover I believe in what's inside my head, not what's outside my head.
Strangers who call me sotta, thinking they are being very funny, I call them pottai. So beware of what you call me. he he he.(Actually I don't care)
And are you wondering about my time in Harvard. Don't... I will explain that in another post.