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I write poems?

I was leafing through my Book of Ideas(Yes, such a book Exists in my Private Library) and to my surprise I found these lines written on one of the pages. The handwriting is mine, though I don't remember when this happened... But still...
Poem 1
There are no Heavens
There are no Hells
No Judgement Days
Let Yourself Be.
Poem 2
I Love her
Hate her too
She drives me
Vibes with me
She ain't mine
But we still go on
And On
And On
Poem 3
You know nothing
You own nothing
You emerged from nothingness
So You Come
So you Go.
Poem 4
I dreamt of Riches
I dreamt of Bitches
I wasn't living a Life
I was living a dream.
Poem 5
I and My
Send them through the Sky
Know What You are...
Don't desire to kill your Desires.
Poem 6
So much Silence
It just gets to me
No Rumbles, No Noises
Just Silence
And it's simply too much.
Poem 7
I asked my mind to
Quieten Down please
It simply would'nt
Too much on the outside.
That's not what I want
I wanna quieten down
From Within.
Well I don't know if I am allowed to call this poetry. It just looks like lines I just put together.I am trying hard to recollect how this happened.
Looks like I have 3 personalities in one body. Freaky... One is the Nameless Blogger. Second is the Poet and the third is the Money Maker. The Blogger and the Money Maker are friends but no one knows about the poet,Just the poems...



25 April 2008 at 17:14

they are all starts to great poems..just give them some time to grow..

nice ideas.. :)


  The Pseudonym

25 April 2008 at 22:02

oh... the making of a poet...But I really doubt I will write anything in the future. Thanks for your appreciation though... CHEERS!!!


1 May 2008 at 22:44

all so called poems do start in this way and finally results in excellent one. so..go on ...great ideas to implement on.let's hope that day soon...