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Is It really Bye Bye Hoardings?

Hoardings have been part of the Chennai Skyline With some really good advertisements on them. Some of these hoardings have created hell for some people.(Like Me) Everyday on my way home and to office I encounter this ad for Moksha, whose tagline is "For Beautiful People..."
So the clever fellow that I am, decided to visit Moksha because it was like a guarantee that I was gonna meet beautiful people. But I guess people who shop there THINK they are beautiful, afterall beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Since my arms did not wanna behold any of them I decided they ain't beautiful. Moreover I am kind of half blind so I give a rats ass about beautiful women.
When a group of people decided that Ms. Rai Bachan and Ms.Sen should represent India at the Ms. World and Ms. Universe (What's the difference????) contests, I was wondering if I could sponsor the flower seller lady who delivered flowers everyday and the Maami's daughter living next door. After all we live in a country where everyman's ideal women should be a looker like Ms.Rai but with brains of a hen. But it is a fact that Most Indian women are dark and that's what is beautiful about them.
Why do men want Slim, Fair, Beautiful, Convent educated girls and why do women ask for NRI/Foreign settled, Handsome,Tall men. Most... Hmmmmmm yeah, this post was supposed to be about hoardings. I really got carried away. Lack of focus I should say.
So a lot of these hoardings have been removed and now I live in a new city. A city I've never seen sans hoardings.I was shocked to know that people were dying because of these hoardings being bought down. People who have little, tend to be wanting for money and this has led to their end of days while scavenging for steel/iron from these "bought down to their knees" hoardings. So now what happens to the people who fixed these hoardings. They will be looking for alternate ways to earn their money. Cleaning the buildings which were hidden behind these hoardings could be part of the solution. Apparently these hidden buildings seem to have forgotten to paint their walls. Music Academy and Church Park School can actually be seen from outside their walls now.
Wonder when we will have clean walls, free from posters about political parties and their thanni parties. Wonder when marriages will stop putting up larger than life images of the couple. Now, why are we advertising marriages? Well it is probably an open invitation for people to partake in the marriage feast.
Someone started this entire advertising on hoardings and it has been religiously followed by the monkeys.
Wonder what life would be like if we had monkeys in Chennai? Would they miss the hoardings???



27 April 2008 at 12:27

why do women ask for NRI/Foreign settled, Handsome,Tall men

i want to disagree! =P

not all women would flip for that stereotype!

and i miss those overblown movie hoardings! who wants to see how church park looks like. =|


27 April 2008 at 14:35

Interesting insights! :)

Well... most Indian women are dark?? I don't think so. And I really dont get this obsession on fair skin. I think there are many smart n goodlooking dusky women out there.

And then, I also think marriage is overrated!

  The Pseudonym

28 April 2008 at 08:33

@gayatri sorry I generalized.But I think that's what a lot of parents want for their children...Atleast,the ones I know.
@point blank a lot of dark/dusky women look very good agree with you on that totally. Why would anyone wanna get married these days.???People have become herded goats!!!