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In The Summer Time

This is my first TAG... And I found it Very Hard and Tough.But I persisted and Have made my way through.

I was tagged a long time back BY ROFL .This is the message he left as a comment.

roflin onne tag panniyachu .. I hope that's how you say it..
Anyway, you've been tagged at www.rofl.co.in.. yeppadi? :D

That's a brave attempt at Tamil Written in English. A skill I've failed at miserably. My Cousin Sister inds it funny and she says I should make an effort to improve.

Anyways ROFLIN I have done it. Not A TAG VIRGIN Any More...

Taillines Today : So Mr. Nameless What was it like losing your Tag Virginity?
Nameless : Oh Just as I said Before "This is my first TAG... And I found it Very Hard and Tough.But I persisted and Have made my way through."
Taillines Today : Do You Have Anything else to say?
Nameless : Yeah you freakos. Stop making Sensations out of Nothing. It ain't a skill. It is A Kill...
And I would like to TAG Gayatri Gangsta Markiv and Nevermind and I will fight for World Peace...

The Rules are Simple
1. Put your iPod (or other source of music) on shuffle mode.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what. No cheating!

SO Start Music... Dan danaka daka daka daka....

1. “If someone says ‘Is this okay?’, you say?”
Time - Hootie and the Blowfish " - Whatever they will make out of it.

2. “What would best describe your personality?”
Not The One - Collective Soul - Yeah I am not the bad one.

3. “What do you like in a guy/girl?”
Spiderman Theme - Aerosmith - Hmmmmmm Not a Spidey Fan

4. “How do you feel today?”
That Don't Impress me Much - Shania Twain - Yeah Nothing impresses me these days I am becoming a Slave Driver...

5. “What is your life’s purpose?”
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams - Well I love listening to the song Was born 10 years later though.

6. “What is your motto?”
Tomorrow Never Dies - Theme Music - Why would it Die...Afterall Time and Tide wait for No One.

7. “What do your friends think of you?”
Aum Namah Shivayah - Alms for Shanthi - IS that what they think of me.I doubt it.

8. “What do you think of your parents?”
Jaded - Aerosmith - No Comments

9. “What do you think about very often?”
I'm With You - Avril Lavigne. - And Who is You. Shucks... Looks there should have been a you.

10. “What is 2+2?”
LIES - Diana King - That's right whatever the answer it is a LIE.

11. “What do you think of your best friend?”
In The End - Linkin Park - They Will be there right there at the end...

12. “What do you think of the person you like?”
We Will Rock You - Queen Yeah I really wanted to Rock Her... Till I realised... What did I realise????

13. “What is your life story?”
Funeral in Carpathia - Cradle of Filth - Am I gonna Die.Though Till now it has been more of a Funeral.

14. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm - Imagine my business Card Reads The Pseudonym - Smooth Criminal kewl with a Capital K

15. “What do you think when you see the person you like?”
Everything I do I do it for you. Who is this that I like? I generally Hate Everyone... Just Kidding.... Totally Dedicated to Friends.

16. “What do your parents think of you?”
Gettin' Jiggy With it. That I am Jiggy,Squigly

17. “What will you dance to at your wedding?”
Runaway - The Corrs Will not be Dancing, Will be Busy Running...

18. “What will they play at your funeral?”
Burning Bridges - Collective Soul Should it Not be More Like Burning The Nameless.

19. “What is your hobby/interest?”
St. Anger - Metallica Hmmmmm Interesting Hobby...Especially when you make a Saint out of it.

20. “What is your biggest secret?”
Beauty Slept in Sodom - Cradle of Filth Hmmmmm...... No Comments.

21. “What do you think of your friends?”
Tequila Sunrise - The Eagles Hah!!!! Yeah most of them can drink round the clock...

22. “What should you post this as?”
In The Summer Time - Shaggy - How apt for this Freakin' Hot Weather...



17 April 2008 at 19:31

hehe.. growing up to be a smooth criminal.. yes indeed we all are!

though I don't know how to react to breaking your virginity.. and there I have ruined a perfectly fine blog post. :p

regardless.. nice songs.. nice post.. hehe