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Yenna Daaktur Thambi...

Some friends stick with you since you were a child. Some join you when you are half way through life and yet they add that extra perspective and show that they care for you, even though you are such an ass.
My Australian Friend has left to take up permanent residency in Australia. Well he is not Aussie by birth, but he fell in love with that country and their cricket team. I was excited that he is leaving to take up residence there for the past couple of weeks that I wanted to make that movie with him. Of course I was gonna be the Director. Anyways that project never took off, probably never will.
Dai Doctor Thambi, Please take care of the white people, man. And yeah do send pics of some Good looking Aussie Chicks... Cheers Mate... And my best wishes for a great life ahead in Kangaroo Country.



2 April 2008 at 14:35

roflin onne tag panniyachu .. I hope that's how you say it..

Anyway, you've been tagged at www.rofl.co.in.. yeppadi?


  The Pseudonym

16 April 2008 at 17:23

Hey ROFL.in Am finally Doing this TAG...